Pipelined FEA tool for hip implants

Type Development
Industry Medical Tech
Country ch Switzerland
Technologies UNIX CAE

A pipeline for unattended (i.e. non-GUI) computation of mechanical stresses in tailor-made hip implants was needed. Seamplex designed and implemented a tool to perform the required finite-element analysis using Fino in a totally automated way. The path to three CAD files and a set of input data (e.g. the relative location of the CADs in the assembly, the location and magnitude of the load, the mechanical properties of the materials, etc.) was provided in a JSON file. The tool, a main Bash script that called Python and M4 for other particular tasks following the UNIX philosophy, assembles the parts into a single CAD using OpenCASCADE (through the Gmsh wrapper), cuts a slice of the top sphere to create a plane surface to hold the load, meshes the assembly, solves the linear elastic problem and creates a JSON file with the main results and a detailed VTK file with the displacement and stress distribution. A full set of test and documentation was included, including building instructionss, Software Requirement Specifications and Software Design Specifications.