Technical consulting for incubated startups

Type Consulting
Industry Other
Country ar Argentina
Technologies UNIX IoT AI

Some tech-based startups needed to manage contractors to develop internet-of-things software for their products. As the “tech” of these startups was not software (but rather electronics and medical devices) they lacked the skills to know if the contractors were providing was was needed. Seamplex assisted the startups (actually the incubator CITES) with these kinds of technical management tasks.

Firmware development for IoT devices providing laboratory-as-a-service in the cloud

Type Development
Industry Medical Tech
Country ar Argentina
Technologies UNIX Cloud IoT

A new-generation of medical devices working on the cloud (instead of sending data through a serial RS-232 port) are coming. Even more, a new concept of Laboratory-as-a-Service in which a full experiment can be designed online in a web interface and then molecular and bacterial dynamics can be studied automatically for weeks by robots that take samples from a pool, put them into appropriate cloud-connected devices and record the results. A full report is generated and sent to the user as soon as the experiment finishes. Seamplex designed and implemented the devices firmware (based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino) and the network protocols (HTTPS with TLS encryption) that these devices use to communicate with the cloud server.