Introduction to finite elements in the cloud with CAEplex

Type Training
Industry Metallurgical
Country ar Argentina
Technologies CAE Web Cloud

Introductory course to the theory behind finite element analysis and solution of practical examples in the cloud using CAEplex.

CAD to WebGL converter in the cloud

Type Development
Industry Software
Country us United States
Technologies Cloud Web CAE

Web-based interface where users can upload 3D CAD files and manipulate them online. The goal was to have a cloud-based processor in the cloud running directly in the users’ browser. Based on the technology underlying in CAEplex, the solution uses OpenCASCADE and the X3DOM libraries.

CAEplex: finite elements in the cloud

Type Development
Industry Metallurgical
Country N/A
Technologies Web Cloud UNIX CAE

CAEplex is the next-generation solution for performing finite element analysis. It is a web-based interface (front-end) that provides an advanced yet easy-to-use GUI for running FEM in the cloud directly from the browser. It uses Gmsh and Fino as the meshing and solving back-ends, respectively. Project history is tracked using Git and collaboration is possible by means of access permissions.

Web interface for a quality control device to mark defective automotive parts

Type Consulting
Industry Metallurgical
Country ca Canada
Technologies Cloud Web CAE AI

A feasibility study of building a web-based interface for analyzing data from quality control processes in the cloud to see where mechanical parts had manufacturing defects was conducted. A prototype of a WebGL interface where the part was shown in a regular browser and a series of heat-maps showed the statistics of thousands of measurements made at the assembly line was built.

“Seamplex makes the kind of UI I love: fast and web-based, intuitive and beautiful.”
Satisfied Client

Web-based interface for textile braid design software running in the cloud

Type Development
Industry Other
Country de Germany
Technologies Cloud Web CAE

A rewrite of a desktop-based tool for designing textile braids was performed. Using WebGL, X3DOM, PHP and JSON a new web-interface was obtained and the code was set up to run on the cloud instead of on the user’s computer.