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Say “modeling” not “simulation”

By Jeremy Theler | Founder & CEO of Seamplex
June 20th, 2017

Richard M. Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation and founding father of the GNU Project, has a long been repeating “say GNU, not Linux” although he has not had much success. In the same sense, from this corner of the world I will begin a similar battle. I claim “say modeling, do not say simulation” when referring to solving engineering problems—solid or fluid mechanics,1, thermal conduction, radiation transport, electromagnetism, etc.— using computational mechanics techniques. At least not when the equations are deterministic instead of stochastic.

We are an argentinian startup that develops computational engineering products and services from an innovative point of view, based on the principles of free and open source programming and the UNIX philosophy.

Our goal is to help engineers to solve problems (that is what engineers do) in the best possible way.

We want to shift engineering paradigms.

We believe that following our principles we can shift engineering paradigms and change the way we work with computers in order to solve our problems.


we do


Web interfaces for cloud-based engineering analysis


Free and open source engineering software


Innovative and complex engineering projects

01. Web interfaces for cloud-based engineering analysis

A really easy web-based platform for mechanical analysis on the cloud


No need to install any extra software


No need to buy extra hardware


Similar to a 3D modeling app


Share your projects with other people

PDF output

Support your design with a report


Use it from a table or smartphone

02. Free and open source engineering software

We at Seamplex believe that every piece of engineering software should be free software, especially for the most sensitive areas (e.g. nuclear). Over the last years we have developed the wasora suite, a set of several tools that can be used to tackle most of the common engineering problems we all face every day.

We follow the UNIX Philosophy. Our programs are free and open, because given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow

Results obtained with milonga

One of the codes in the wasora suite is milonga, a free nuclear reactor core-level analysis code.

03. Innovative and complex engineering projects

We believe that old problems can be tackled with new solutions based on good practices from computer programming. We help companies that want to challeng the status quo and shift paradigms. We manage and develop innovative engineering projects involving complex calculations and special software development involving data aquisition, processing and communication.

In Seamplex we develop technology that shifts paradigms. New solutions for old problems.

We follow the UNIX philosophy: small simple parts connected through well-defined interfaces, policies separated from mechanisms and simple communication between programs. We employ state-of-the-art UNIX tools like Bash, M4, awk, Git, Markdown, LaTeX, etc. to solve, document and track our projects.


The startup company Phylum Tech trusted the development of the firmware of its new-generation drug-discovery devices to Seamplex.

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