Fino case files

Welcome to the Fino case files!


This is a set of individual test cases which use the free and open source FEM tool Fino to solve a wide variety of mechanical, thermal and modal problems. Almost al of the problems are meshed using the free and open source meshing tool Gmsh. Each case introduces the problem to be solved, what kind of results are expected and the explains

  1. the geometry,
  2. the mesh (including annotated Gmsh input scripts),
  3. the Fino input file, fully annotated and explained,
  4. the execution in a UNIX terminal, and
  5. discussion, analysis and (for some cases) comparison with other FEA programs.

Since the cases are (mostly) sorted in an increasing order of complexity, they serve as a tutorial (especially the first one) introducing and explaining Fino features but also as a set of verification and validation problems. Of course any particular usage of Gmsh and Fino needs a thorough V&V report covering that usage following applicable norms and codes—such as ASME’s V&V 10. Yet this set of problem can serve as a basis for a particular V&V report, as indeed some of these cases were develop to verifiy and some other to validate Fino for actual industrial applications.

Case files

#000 Tensile test specimen ePub PDF
#003 Cube under pure tension ePub PDF
#006 Cylinder under pure compression ePub PDF
#010 NAFEMS LE1 plane-stress benchmark ePub PDF
#012 NAFEMS LE10 thick plate pressure benchmark ePub PDF
#050 Stresses in a 10-node tetrahedron with prescribed displacements ePub PDF
#060 The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge #1 ePub PDF
#065 Four ways of solving three pressurized thick cylinders ePub PDF
#070 Two cubes of different materials ePub PDF
#075 Fixed compressed cylinder ePub PDF
#085 Thick cantilever cylinder ePub PDF
#105 Cylinder embedded in another cylinder—smooth ePub PDF
#115 Cylinder embedded in another cylinder—rough ePub PDF

All cases are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


If you have any doubt, question or want to add a case to the list, do not hesitate contacting us.